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Fall tree-lined street

Enjoy the Seasons!

This web page is dedicated to all those who live in, and who journey to, the Great Lakes State!

fall trees scene

Fall in Michigan

When temperatures start to cool down from the summer, the tree's leaves change colors from green to bright yellows, reds, and oranges. Fall, or Autumn as we call it, it is one of the most beautiful times of year!
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winter trees scene

Winter in Michigan

When temperatures get cold enough, usually around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, water freezes into ice crystals called SNOW! Snowflakes are usually less than 1/2" across but can pile up fast. Winter is usually from December through March.
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spring trees

Spring in Michigan

A favorite saying in Michigan in "April Showers bring May flowers", but spring usually runs from March - June. It's a time when tree buds start to blossom. The temperature is usually 45 - 65 degrees.
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summer tree scene

Summer in Michigan

Summer is when people really enjoy the woods and waters of Michigan. Summer is officially here from the end of June through September. The sun shines most of the time, and the days are long. It's a great time to visit Michigan beaches!
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